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Getting Ready for Christmas with Topcashback

As I sit and write this there are only 30 29 days until Christmas. I’ve bought presents, eaten mince pies and watched that silly John Lewis Christmas advert ad nauseum. In fact, I’m already tired of all those supermarket Christmas ads.

At Christmas I feel a bit caught between trying to buy handmade, support my local high street and not pay over the odds for anything. When my son sat me down and asked me to help him with his Christmas list I began to worry what he was going to ask for. Although he’s only 3 his toy list has remained constant for the last couple of months. I’m trying to teach him to be realistic so said he can wish for anything and Father Christmas will bring him at least one thing from his list.

writing his Christmas list

Top of his list was the Hot Wheels Mega Garage which he saw at his friends house. It’s a large toy and I wanted to buy it online and get it delivered so I started to look on Topcashback to see if I could get a good price and earn some cashback too.

I admit that I’d usually just look on Amazon but I saw that Topcashback had deals with a couple of large toy stores so shopped around until I found it for an amazing £24.99 at Smyth’s, which is the cheapest place I’ve found it online. Not only did I save money I also earned £1.09 cashback. Topcashback are an affiliate for retailers, so when the retailer pays them commission for your purchase, you receive this as cashback. Ok, it’s not a huge amount but it soon adds up.

I also took the opportunity to purchase my husband a fancy weather station from Maplin’s. Topcashback were offering either 4.2% cashback on purchases or £3.00 off purchases over £30, so I chose the option which saved me more money, saving myself £3.00. I just checked my account and I also earned £1.31 cashback!

I’m pretty pleased to have bought two more presents which nearly completes my Christmas shopping, and saved myself the grand total of £5.40 too. My daughter starts nursery this week so with any luck that’ll cover the cost of a super deluxe hot chocolate and a slice of cake to treat myself with after I’ve dropped her off 🙂

Disclosure – I was given money towards my purchases through Topcashback 


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    November 26, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    That sounds like a great idea, must check it out.

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