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Exploring The Gravel Pits, Northwood

Exploring The Gravel Pits, Northwood

After 7 years we are still discovering new places on our doorstep. This weekend we explored an area known as The Gravel Pits in Northwood.

Exploring The Gravel Pits, Northwood

Unsurprisingly the area got its name as gravel was extracted during the time gravel was used for road surfaces. By the late 1890’s the gravel pits at Northwood were described as “worked out” and no more gravel could be extracted. Fortunately this small area remained unbuilt on and became a public amenity for the people of Northwood to enjoy.

Exploring The Gravel Pits, Northwood

The woods are dominated by sycamore, ash and common hawthorn, interspersed with beech, aspen and oak trees. Other species found in the woods include ground elder, black horehound, bracken, clustered dock and violets. The shadier areas are home to lords and ladies, Enchanter’s Nightshade and Broad Buckler-Fern.

Exploring The Gravel Pits, Northwood

There are several paths through the woods which are fun to explore, an area of open grassland, a nature trail through the woodland, as well as several picnic benches. It’s a really fun area to explore with kids and our little pup enjoyed being off lead too.

As you would expect, the paths are up and down around the old gravel pits which makes for a great walk if you are looking for something a bit different. My kids loved climbing this steep hill – and sliding back down again!

Exploring The Gravel Pits Northwood

If you are looking for a new place to explore, or have just walked around Ruislip Lido too many times, then look out for the Gravel Pits.

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    November 10, 2022 at 2:24 am

    I used to live in Northwood, and as a teenger, me and my brother would always ride our bikes in the Gravel Pits. I remember climbing that same small hill as your boys did as well, though at the time it felt like climbing a massive mountain! Funny to see now how it just looks like a normal hill. Glad to see it’s still being enjoyed and still looks to be in healthy shape.

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