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DIY Valentine’s Day gift bag with paper weave detail

DIY Valentine's Day gift bag with paper weave detail

Have you started thinking about Valentine’s Day yet? I love to give my children a card and a little sweet treat, just like my parents used to give me and my sister. This year I wanted to make a paper treat bag to hold my treats. They are embellished with a paper weave detail which adds a pop of colour. I used a rainbow of colours but I think they would look lovely in monochrome or pastels too.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift bag supplies:
Colourful paper
Paper glue
Paper Punch machine

DIY Valentine's Day gift bag with paper weave detail

How to make a Valentine’s Day gift bag with paper weave detail

How to make the paper weave detail:

1. Cut out strips of colourful papers.
2. Take 6 colours of strips. Lay down one horizontally and lay the rest vertically below the horizontal one.
3. Glue the orange strips tip on the blue one, then glue the green strips tip on the glue one but this time glue it on the back of the blue strip (the opposite side from the orange one).
4. Glue rest of the strips similarly.
5. Then take another coloured strip and place it horizontally right below the blue one. Then take it under the orange strip and above the green one.
And then take it over the purple one and under the yellow strip. At the end take it over the orange one and glue both ends of the horizontal purple strip to secure it.
6. Similarly braid more strips until you reach the end.

How to make a paper gift bag:

7. Take an A4 sized brown paper and fold it in 3 then open the fold.
8. Use the template to cut a heart shape on the middle
9. Now take the paper strip piece we made earlier.
10. Glue it over the heart shaped gap.
11. Glue the both open sides of the paper together.
12. Fold about 2 inches of the folded paper from its bottom end.
13. Keep the paper flattened and open the middle part of the bottom fold keeping the sides flat. This will create triangular patterns on both sides of the bottom and a square on the middle.
14. Fold one of the open sides inwards. And make sure to overlap it with the other open end by 1 cm. Apply glue to secure the folds.
15. Use a paper punch machine to cut out two holes on the top of the bag for the ribbon.
16. Gently blow a little air in the bag to open up the insides of the bag.
17. Take a ribbon of your choice and tie it on bag through the holes you made earlier with the paper punch machine.

DIY Valentine's Day gift bag with paper weave detail - the gingerbread house blog

Let me know if you make this sweet Valentine’s Day gift bag with fun paper weave detail. What would you put inside?


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    Jenna Parrington
    January 27, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    What a clever idea! The kids would love to make them too!

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    January 28, 2019 at 7:47 am

    This is such a cute idea! I’ll share this with my friend who’s a Brownie leader – the perfect craft night idea!

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