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Review: bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox

bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox is an affordable children’s bookcase that addresses the common problem of how to store baby and toddler books. Traditional bookcases only show the spines but a baby or toddler likes to select books to read by looking at the covers. Like many other parents we’ve tried putting Edward’s books on shelves or in a plastic tub but neither have encouraged Edward to look through them or develop the love of books I want him to have! It was these observations and frustrations that lead Yorkshire Mum Frances Weir, to develop bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox.

How to store baby and toddler book

Inspired by the low book bunkers she saw in the children’s section of her local library, Frances set about designing an affordable, eco-friendly box, specifically sized to accommodate the awkward formats of children’s books in a forward-facing manner, thus allowing babies and toddlers to independently flick through and choose the book they want to read.

As soon as the cardboard box arrived we sorted Edward’s books out according to size and put them in. It makes it much easier for him to look through them and we only had one book which was too big for the box.He has really enjoyed using the box and it’s a great visual reminder that he has books to read as well as toys to play with! It’s quite heavy when full so we need to find a suitable place for it to live permanently but we all love it and would recommend it!

Made in the UK from 80% recycled extra-sturdy corrugated cardboard, the box is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Each box stores more than 30 forward-facing books and has a low front meaning babies can see easily inside (thus more likely to choose a book over another activity). A divider separates big books and little books, so all books can be viewed. The bookcase is delivered fully assembled and can be decorated with paint, stickers and collage,

bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox can be bought online for just £10 with free delivery – so it won’t break the budget!


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