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A Short Guide to Buying Tyres Online

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If you are not sure where to buy tyres Basingstoke does have some outlets – but why not save yourself the time and inconvenience of shopping around in person and get yourself online instead, sourcing the best set of tyres for your vehicle for a great price and in half the time, too? Here are some points to consider before buying tyres online.

Get the Right Tyres

There are several ways to find out what size tyres you need. The first way, if you are happy with your current tyre’s performance, is by checking the sidewall of those tyres. There is a string of alpha-numeric characters on every tyre, and this rather cryptic notation will tell you everything you need to know about your tyres, from the weather conditions they are designed for to the best wheel size on which to fit them.

The second way is through your owner’s manual. There is usually a little table detailing all the tyres that will suit your vehicle, with the manufacturer’s recommendation clearly stated – usually at the top of the list.

And finally, you can go online to find out the best compatible tyres for your vehicle’s specific make and model.

Decide Between Budget, Regular and Premium/ High Performance

Is your daily commute short and sweet, using only good roads and putting only a few miles on the clock? Budget tyres are probably fine for you. But if the roads are more strenuous, if you love speed, and if you regularly travel long distances during the week, then you might want to step up to a more expensive, but better quality tyre.

Check the Reviews

Finally, with any kind of online shopping check the reviews! If independent third-party review sites are full of complaints about this company, saying the tyres are poor quality, customer service is terrible or other similar issues, then you might want to avoid that too-good-too-be-true ‘bargain’ and find a company with better reviews thanks to their much better products!

Once you are comfortable with the vendor, and have all the specifications to hand, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you will be getting a great set of tyres delivered to an address of your choosing within a surprisingly short time. Here, we would like to recommend you a trusted online site to purchase your tyres from. You can buy car tyres online at Headley Tyres Basingstoke. They offer good quality tyres at amazing prices!

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