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Baby On Board? The Benefits of Leasing a Family Car Versus Buying

For many people, that period between pulling up on the driveway to your home and getting out of your vehicle is a time for reflection, socialising, texting, and much more. However, for those of us who have children, these times don’t exist.

For families, the car is a hub where you go on family adventures together, wait for appointments to pass, go on the school run, and repeatedly hear ‘are we there yet’ from the backseat. But eventually, you’ll be in the market for a new car, and the new question on everyone’s minds is, should you buy it outright or lease it?

Typically, car leasing is associated with businesses. Still, with the UK’s leasing industry experiencing growth over the last five years, this ideal is slowly shifting, and leasing might benefit families. From being able to drive some of the latest tops-of-the-range cars to being able to expand your vehicle along with your family, here are some of the benefits of leasing a family vehicle instead of buying:

A New Car Every Rental Period

Few things can replicate that tantalising new car smell or the metallic glow of a fresh paint job, yet you get to enjoy these two things every new rental period with lease cars. Although this doesn’t necessarily affect your family directly, it’s certainly a nice feeling to be able to drive your family around in a brand-new vehicle (and when you get those rare kid-free nights to yourself!).

Moreover, you’ll be able to try some of the most recent car trends and technological advances every few years. For instance, one of the most rapidly growing trends of 2022 is electric and hybrid vehicles, so much so that many professionals believe that they will eventually replace traditional gasoline-powered cars.

Suppose you’d like to try an electric vehicle as your next family car but are worried about not liking it. In that case, skip the commitment of buying one and consider leasing an electric motor for a short-term period. Find out if an electric car is right for you and your family by reading this ultimate guide to leasing an electric car by LV ElectriX.

Instead of spending endless hours scrolling the internet for advice about electric vehicles, consider visiting their website, which has loads of electric car resources that can help you get acquainted with all things electric. From charging guides to learning the basics of electric cars, visit their site to know whether an electric vehicle is suitable for you and your family.

Your Car Can Grow With Your Family

While you and your partner might have enjoyed nipping around in your little Kia Picanto before the kids came along, you might have hastily traded it in for a Volkswagen Touran once the twins came along.

Only to trade it in again once the twins grew into teens and another bundle of joy was added to the family for a Subaru Outback. As your family grows, so does the number of seats in your car, and when you’re paying outright for them each time, it can soon put a dent in your wallet. Not to mention all the time and effort you put into getting them ready for sale after you’re done with them.

Leasing enables you to grow your car alongside your family, as many providers offer short-term leases that last from twelve to twenty-four months. You can switch and swap cars as you please, which can be beneficial when you have a growing family.

More Cost-Effective Than Traditional Vehicles

Families are expensive enough without the additional costs added in, so it makes sense that you’d want to save as much money as possible wherever you can. As monthly outgoings go, a car can be one of your most costly; however, switching to electric can lessen this considerably.

Even though electric vehicles are more expensive outright than traditional gasoline-powered cars, they are considerably more cost-effective to run than the latter. Since they’re powered by electricity, fuel will be your number one saving point, but coming close behind in second will also be lower maintenance costs.

All the pennies you manage to save on your lower fuel and maintenance costs can then be saved and put towards something you and your family have wanted for a long time. Be it a family vacation abroad, a new console so that you can play games together, or put back into the household to spend on more pressing matters.

No-Stress Maintenance

When you take out a lease with a car rental company, you will be given a warranty that could last up to three years, depending on your chosen provider. Not to mention, because most lease cars are brand-new, they are less likely to develop (or come) with any problems during the first few years.

Yet, if during those three years, any damage should happen to the vehicle or any accident befalls it, your lease provider will cover the cost of the repairs. Ultimately, you can avoid footing the bills of some unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances.

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