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Buying Cars: New vs Second-Hand

Buying Cars: New vs Second-Hand

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When it comes to shoes, buy new. When it comes to furniture, second-hand is fine if it’s in good condition, especially if it’s an antique. And when it comes to cars many people think, erroneously, that new is the only way to go. Now there are benefits to buying new cars – that gorgeous new car smell, for a start! – but there are equal, if not superior, benefits to buying second-hand too! Let’s take a look.

Buying Cars: New vs Second-Hand

No Recall Risk

New cars are fresh off the assembly line, and this means that in the rare instances that something goes wrong, either with the assembly process or the parts used, that those new cars can be dangerous to drivers and other road users. Often, such incidents are subject to product recalls, meaning that if you are not one of the really unlucky people who find out about the problem the hard way, you will face the inconvenience of having your brand-new car made safe – something which can detract from your pleasure in your out-of-the-box purchase. Second-hand cars have already been through, or avoided this process, so you will know that your car is sturdy and reliable, unlikely to suddenly fail on you for unexpected reasons.

Tried and Tested

Cars which are flimsier than expected, less rugged under duress or generally just less sturdy than one would hope, tend not to make to the point of being offered for sale as a second-hand vehicle. Those that do are the stronger models, designed for durability and endurance and likely to last you a long time. Second-hand cars are also run-in for you, so you can immediately put it through its paces, if you like, you do not have to spend a couple of weeks running it in as you would with a new car.

Greater Range of Choice

If you have a fixed budget for your new-to-you car, you will have a greater choice by opting for second-hand. Not only more choice as there are more car models available in second-hand than there are new in any year, but also more choice as to the extras that come with your car. A brand new, basic model vehicle can easily cost the same as the luxury version of an older car that comes with a stylish finish, fancier radio, and fancier upholstery – and it is the latter that will draw envying eyes, not the former, no matter how few miles are on the clock!

If this has been enough to tip your mind towards a second-hand vehicle, you will find used cars for sale at KAP Motors Brighton Showroom.

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