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How To Keep Your Car & Tyres Safe For Christmas

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We all are excited to prepare for the Christmas holidays especially if any of us are planning on a road trip with family. Before taking your car out on the road this Christmas, you need to make sure it is fully prepared to meet the traffic dynamics this holiday season!

Experts have revealed some handy tips on how you can keep your car roadworthy this season.

Tyre Inspection

It is very important to note that after a year of driving, tyres often tend to wear out at this time of the year. Driving with worn out tyres can cause stress on your vehicle. If you feel that your tyres have cuts and bulges from increased road mileage you can invest in new tyres before heading out on snowy roads. In case you have recently changed your tyres, you are still required to inspect them for proper pressure and tread depth. This will save you from unexpected tyre breakdown in the middle of crowded festive areas such as London or even Scotland if you are planning to visit a scenic area. In case you are searching for quality tyres and you are not sure about where to buy your tyres in Stirling – Fife Autocentre has a huge range to choose from.

Windscreen Check

During winter windscreens are prone to freeze overnight causing frost on all the windows. Instead of wiping down the windscreen you can put on the air conditioner, along with the heater, and it will easily clear the frost in minutes. In case ice accumulates on your windscreen overnight, you can use an ice scraper to scrape it off. Driving with a dirty or cracked windscreen can be dangerous and cause low visibility, especially if you are on a long drive with your family. It is recommended that you have a full windscreen washer, along with properly working window wipers that can help you clear off the screen whenever required.

Battery Check

If your car has been parked or not used for a long time during winter it can cause the battery to lose the charge. Therefore it is suggested that you take your car out for a 15 minute drive once a week so that the proper electric current is provided to the battery and it does not fail while you are driving.

Driving Style

During winter it is better to have control on your acceleration and braking especially if you are driving in rain or ice conditions. It is also recommended to drive at a slow speed in snow so that you can easily take control of your speed in case you need to brake instantly and your car doesn’t slip. As mentioned earlier, tyres need to be roadworthy enough to perform well and have proper grip on icy roads.

I hope you have enjoyed our top tips on how to keep your car and tyres safe for Christmas. Let me know if you have any tips you would add in the comments below.


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    Sarah J
    December 28, 2022 at 9:39 pm

    Great tips for this time of year xx

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