Review: nanny in a book

Have you heard of the exclusive Norland Nannies? For over a century they have cared for the children of royalty and celebrities. Nanny in a book sells itself as the next best thing to a Norland Nanny, offering a handbook to parents full of top tips and personal advice.

I was keen to review this book. With my family far away and many of my friends childless, it is often difficult to know where to turn for advice. The internet lacks the personal touch and I wondered how a book written by nannies would compare.

I read the book from cover to cover for the purpose of reviewing it but it is designed as a companion, so you can dip in and out when you need advice.  The chapters cover Nanny in the Nursery, Globetrotting Nanny, Growing up with Nanny, Nanny in the Kitchen, Nanny to the Rescue, Playtime with Nanny, Party Nanny, No-nonsense Nanny and Nanny’s Childcare Choices.

As the book is associated with Norland Nannies my initial thought was that the book was aimed at people with money. However, a good read revealed that was not the case. Despite one of the chapters being called Globetrotting Nanny there was plenty of advice which you could adapt and use when taking your children on holiday, whether by plane, train or car.

As I’m expecting again I read with interest the chapter on setting up a nursery to refresh my own ideas. There’s plenty of useful advice, peppered with lots of helpful top tips. I also earmarked the section on potty training to re-read when the times comes! The book is full of useful advice that you could expect to hear from your own mother. It’s great to have all the advice that has worked for generations in one place and this will be kept on my bookshelf, near at hand, for many years.


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