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Where should Little Sis sleep?

Little Sis is now 5 months old. She sleeps quite happily in her bednest next to me and I adore having her there. We’re thinking about what to do next as ideally we would move her to her own room around 6 months. However, we are so short of space we still haven’t decided on what bed to buy or where to put it.

doubt they’ll be so keen to share when they’re teenagers!

Her brother had a nursery from practically the moment he was conceived but our third bedroom is my husband’s office and, as he works from home, he won’t be moved! He doesn’t want to put her in with her brother so it looks like she’ll be staying with us. Fortunately there’s enough room for a cot bed and before we know it we’ll be choosing her first proper bedding.

As usual I’ve been looking online and came across some really fun sites for kids bedding, bedroom accessories, beds and furniture.¬†Fortunately the toddler has plenty of bedding otherwise I would snap up a Thomas the Tank Engine sets but I’ve picked out a lovely Winnie the Pooh set for Little Sis (which comes complete with duvet and duvet cover, pillow and pillowcase). I can’t wait to see her snuggled up in a couple of months.

Although Little Sis doesn’t yet have a bed or her own space, I hope she will appreciate how long I’ve spent searching for the perfect bed and bedding. I’m sure she’s wishing we’d just hurry up and move to a bigger house though!

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