7 things to include in a Christmas Eve crate

I started the tradition of a Christmas Eve crate a few years ago and I’m really glad I did. They don’t have to be expensive and for me, they mark the beginning of Christmas. The cards are sent, the presents are wrapped, the food is ready and there’s nothing I can do but put my feet up and let Christmas happen.

This year we will be using the Christmas Eve crate I made but you don’t have to use anything. I thought it would be fun to write about the things I put into our Christmas Eve crate and share them with you.

7 things to include in a Christmas Eve crate

Christmas stockings

We have built up a collection of bright and colourful Christmas stockings over the years. They are always included in our Christmas crate so the children can hang them up before they go to bed.

Reindeer food 

sprinkling Reindeer food on Christmas Eve

Do you leave our reindeer food on Christmas Eve? We do! It’s pretty simple to make but I haven’t had time so picked up  little packet at the supermarket.

Hot chocolate

There’s nothing nicer than sitting down to a lovely mug of hot chocolate. I might need something stronger by the time Christmas Eve comes around but the children love drinking hot chocolate.

A new film to watch

We love our Christmas films but to be honest we have watched our favourites by this time of year. So this year I’m including a copy of the classic film The Wizard of Oz.

New pyjamas for the children

The children have always had new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. This is a nice and easy tradition and ensures they are looking clean for those Christmas Day photos!

A note from our Elf saying goodbye

Our Elf brings the Christmas Eve crate and this is also the time that he says goodbye for another year. I’ve had loads of fun putting him in new places every day during December but now I need a rest! He’ll be leaving a note to say goodbye to the children.

Christmas Eve plate

Christmas Eve plate

A few years ago we received a special Christmas plate with our name on it. It’s perfect for leaving some special treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer. It’s a shame we only get to see it once a year!

Do you have a Christmas crate tradition in your house? If so, I would love to hear what you put in it.


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    Kitty Morris
    December 20, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Totally sending this to my friend Max, she wants to start this as a tradition next year and I’m sure this will inspire her

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    December 21, 2016 at 8:08 am

    What a lovely idea 🙂 we always used to leave out carrots for the reindeer when I was little.

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