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The Britax Affinity and i-size car seat regulations

I seem to be getting lots of people finding my little blog searching for ‘Britax Affinity‘ which I’ve been using as part of my role as a Britax Mumbassador. I’m pleased to say we’ve been using it everywhere and I absolutely love it! Although I find it a little large compared to our old pushchair it’s similar in style to our old Bugaboo Chameleon. Little Sis finds it very comfortable and its even made the toddler regress to wanting to sit in it!

Britax Affinity

After a couple of months of using it it seems that my initial thoughts have stayed pretty much the same. My favourite features are:

  • the bumper bar which is hinged on both sides
  • adjustable seat and recline options
  • easy to adjust handle
  • harness is not easy to slip out of!

The only thing I don’t like is that the fabric set moves around a lot. Perhaps I have a very wriggly child (more than likely) but I’m forever adjusting the fabric set! I do, however, get lots of lovely compliments when we’re out and about.

Whilst I have your attention I wanted to share some news about the new i-size car seat regulations which came into effect the other week.

i-Size regulations will run in parallel to the current regulation R44 in the next few years and aims to standardise the way families select and install car seats. The key changes are:

·         i-Size will make reward facing travelling mandatory for children up to 15 months

·         It will require ISOFIX only seats and the introduction of a side impact test

·         i-Size will make it easier for parents to choose and install the right child seat and it will make travelling for children even safer

More information can be found on the Britax website.


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    The Britax Affinity and i-size car seat regulations |

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