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  • motherhood NCT playing

    Playgroups and cliques

    Yesterday I ventured to our local NCT playgroup for the first time. I’ve been meaning to go for ages but never got round to it. The playgroup was held in a…

  • baby NCT

    Tales of poo

    The topic of poo must surely rank at the top of new parents conversations. Childless, poo was taboo. As a new mum I could talk about poo with friends, family and…

  • baby daddy

    Separation anxiety

    Right now I feel torn in two. Edward and I spend every day together but my husband has been in hospital since Tuesday evening for his planned stoma reversal surgery. We’ve…

  • baby motherhood

    When do NCT friends become friends?

    I really struggle to make friends and I’m finding being on maternity leave harder than I expected. Much as I love Edward I think motherhood can be quite lonely. All people…

  • baby NCT sleeping


    I’m sure I’m not alone as a new mum feeling exceptionally tired at the moment. A recent holiday and the unsettled weather means the routine Edward and I had is out…

  • pregnancy week 37

    External Cephalic Version

    Yesterday was spent in the labour ward at the hospital having the external cephalic version or ECV. We arrived at 8.30 and finally left at 3.30 and the procedure only lasted…