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Separation anxiety

Right now I feel torn in two. Edward and I spend every day together but my husband has been in hospital since Tuesday evening for his planned stoma reversal surgery. We’ve been staying with my mum so she can look after Edward and I can visit my husband. It’s so hard leaving Edward in the morning, especially when my mum tells he spends the day looking for me!

The NCT website has some really helpful advice on responding to separation anxiety. I know that at 8 months Edward can tell when I’m not around but has no concept of time and can’t tell if I’ve gone to the loo or gone to the shops. Fortunately the answer is to reassure him that absence doesn’t mean I have gone away for ever. I can do this!

My husband is doing really well. The surgery took 5 hours rather than the expected 2 as they found a hernia hiding behind his stoma and they also removed his appendix. He has a few drains in but these should be removed over the next couple of days and then he will be more mobile.

Taking Edward to visit his daddy in hospital was also much harder than I anticipated. Edward is so curious about everything I’m not sure he even noticed my husband – much to his disappointment. I know my husband will be out of hospital soon and we have a lot to be thankful for. I really wish I had learned my lesson from his last hospital stay and learned to drive though!

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