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St George’s Day mosaic for kids

St George's Day mosaic for kids from the gingerbread house

Today my children are wearing their Cubs uniforms in honour of St George’s Day. Normally we would be looking forward to taking part in our local St George’s Day parade but instead we have been asked to wear our uniform, especially during the Clap for Carers this evening.

Every year we try to mark St George’s Day, the patron saint of England. We’ve had fun painting rocks, making dragons and decorating wooden spoons in the name of St George. Now my children are a little older but they still love the act of creating something from craft supplies.

St George’s Day mosaic for kids

Our St George’s Day mosaic are a lovely relaxed craft if you want to sit around the table for some family time. I found white card, red foam sheets, scissors, craft sticks and glue sticks.

St George's Day mosaics

We trimmed the white card into flag-shaped rectangles. The children cut the foam sheets into small squares, about the size of a 1p piece.

They used the red foam pieces to make the shape of St George’s cross on the white card, sticking them in place with glue.

St George's Day mosaics

This kept them busy for a while.

St George's Day mosaics for kids

When they had finished they attached craft sticks on the back of each flag so they can wave their flags around.

St George's Day mosaic for kids

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