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Spring blossom sun catchers for kids

Spring blossom sun catcher craft

I am so happy to be seeing the signs of Spring around me. Yesterday I hung the washing out for the first time this year and the children played happily in the garden. I gave them a bucket of water and sponges so they could clean their trampoline. I have a favourite road to drive down and the trees are full of blossom. I feel so happy knowing that Spring is here.

I’ve been encouraging the children to notice these signs too. I want them to be aware of the changing seasons and appreciate them. We’ve been collecting the falling blossom and thought we would use it in our after school crafting.

collecting spring blossom

Spring blossom sun catchers for kids

I wanted to bring something of Spring indoors. Spring blossom sun catchers seemed the perfect after school activity.

We used Spring blossoms collected from the garden, card and contact paper.

First we removed the stalks from our Spring blossoms and leaves.

I cut out circles from a range of pretty patterned card.

I covered one side with contact paper. Then I let my daughter create her sun catchers.

We talked about creating patterns with the flowers and leaves, but mostly she was happy to just experiment.

When she had finished I put contact paper on the other side to seal the flowers and leaves. Cut the contact paper a little wider than your sun catcher and you can apply it directly to a sunny window. It makes a lovely Spring time craft.

blossom sun catcher


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