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So Sand DIY Sensory Studio {toy review}

So Sand DIY Sensory Studio

It’s so good to have a variety of activities to offer the children when they’ve finished their home learning. We are working hard to get everything finished by lunch time so we can enjoy our afternoons together. Our dining room table is always piled high with toys, but they always have a learning slant! We were recently gifted something from the new So Sand DIY range to try out at home. Read on for our review!

So Sand DIY Sensory Studio

It’s time to get creative and take your imagination to another level. Thanks to So Sand DIY, it’s now possible to create your own magic sand from scratch and enjoy 100% AMSR satisfaction! The So Sand DIY range lets you design your own magic sand. We love some sensory play and this toy ticks all our boxes for a great STEM toy.

The Sensory Studio is the biggest toy in the new range. With it you can create your own magic sand using the formula provided and then utilise the studio to unleash the ultimate sensory satisfaction locked in your sand. The kit includes more than 12 tools which lets you cut it, shape it and smash it to discover the full sensory potential of magic sand.

My 8 year old just loves a sensory toy and was excited to see the So Sand DIY Sensory Studio. The box was bright and colourful and she loves playing with magic sand. We opened the box up and looking through the contents which included the Sensory Studio, 5 Tools, 3 Tools 2in1, one mat with patterns and 2 Sand Containers. There was also all the materials to make the magic sand – 3 bags of plain magic sand, 3 bags of colour and 3 bags of glitter.

First of all my daughter made the Sensory Studio, placing the patterned mat at the bottom of it. It was a nice way to display the extra tools and also gave a fun base to play with the magic sand.

So Sand DIY Sensory Studio

Then my daughter made up the magic sand. I gave her a plastic tray to place everything on, and she wore an apron too – just in case!

magic sand

She had so much fun mixing the colour into the magic sand, then carefully mixing it up. The set came with a container to hold 4 portions of sand so she left a little plain and placed the three coloured parts in the container.

playing with magic sand

Then she was able to choose which colour to play with and use the Sensory Studio to experiment with it. It is very satisfying to play with and she could cut it and shape it with all the extra tools.

playing with magic sand

It has provided hours of fun as you can add glitter or even mix the colours to make more colours. When you’ve finished playing you can store the magic sand in the containers, ready for another day! Magic sand has a special ingredient in it which gives it kinetic properties. You can shape it but it’s also soft and silky, it makes a great STEM toy for curious kids!

There are quite a few toys in the So Sand DIY range, including the Sensory Studio (£24.99), Tool Case, Satisfying Sand Ball Case, Satisfying Sand Single Kit and Blind Pack. They are available from Amazon and all good toy shops.


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    michelle twin mum
    July 16, 2020 at 8:41 am

    Oh, I’ve not sen it where you mix the sand tot he colour you want, that is a nice difference. My kids love anything tactile like this. Mich x

  • Reply
    July 16, 2020 at 9:06 am

    This looks amazing, my nephew would absolutely love it because it’s the right kind of not being too messy!

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