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Trying something new: sashiko stitching

sashiko bunny stitching

This year is all about me making things. Finishing projects. This doesn’t come naturally to me.

So far this year I’ve stitched the felt bus pincushion and now I can add the sashiko panel to my list. I picked up all the supplies at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show last year. I bought the panel, special needles and thread. Then it sat in my cupboard for 10 months.

sashiko stitching kit

I couldn’t read the Japanese instructions so I just searched online for instructions. Sashiko is a Japanese running stitch. The pre-printed panel featured a rabbit inside a circle which seemed pretty straight forward. I started stitching….

sashiko stitching

And found I couldn’t stop.

sashiko stitching

It was actually pretty addictive once I started. I couldn’t wait to see the pattern come to life with the thread.

sashiko stitching

I stitched the whole thing. It was only when I had finished stitching that I looked at the instructions. I had bought a cushion cover (I think!). At the moment I’ve just hung up the finished panel. I don’t need another cushion so I may adapt the panel in some way at a later date.

sashiko bunny stitching


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    Rhiannon D'Averc
    January 20, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    That’s cute! I haven’t tried sashiko, I wonder what the difference is between that and a normal running stitch?

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    January 20, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Aw gosh that’s so pretty! Love the contrasting colours and I’m bunny obsessed, so I’m pretty biased. It would look great as a cushion but I know what you mean, I think cushions breed!

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