Christmas daddy Quinny Caster Quinny Zapp Xtra reviews

Quinny Zapp Xtra meets its ultimate challenge!

…the snow finally came. I’d been watching the news about the snow fall and feeling left out until last night. About 10pm the snow started falling and barely stopped all day. Fortunately my husband was discharged from hospital today so we decided to take Edward for a walk so he could see his first snow. This was also our first opportunity to see how the Quinny coped in the snow. So we bundled ourselves up in layers of clothing and off we went.

The Quinny handled well in the snow. I had to push it quite hard to get it through the inches of snow but we managed a walk to the park and back. One of the back wheels clogged up with compacted snow but I expect this happens with other prams in snowy weather.

I really wanted to make a snow angel, in fact this is No 23 on my Day Zero list! I’ll have to wait until Edward is a bit bigger and has a better snow outfit. I found this cosy blue stripe all in one with integrated feet which would be perfect for taking him out!

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