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Puff pastry mincemeat tart recipe

Puff pastry mincemeat tart recipe

You’re probably not expecting another Christmas recipe in January. Sorry, not Sorry! I love mincemeat and don’t see why it shouldn’t be enjoyed throughout winter. It’s warming and delicious and there are so many ways to enjoy it. I have so many jars that I was looking for a quick and easy pudding to make. This puff pastry mincemeat tart is a winner!

Puff pastry mincemeat tart ingredients:

375g ready-rolled puff pastry

300g mincemeat

Brandy Butter or Brandy Cream to serve

How to make a puff pastry mincemeat tart

Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C for a fan oven.

Unroll your ready made puff pastry onto a large baking sheet. Cut a strip away to make your pastry square – don’t discard this as you will need it later. Use the point of your knife to score a border all around your pastry square. Using a fork, prick the pastry inside this border.

How to make a puff pastry mincemeat tart

The next step is to spread a layer of mincemeat in the inner square of pastry. Although it’s tempting to be generous – don’t be! The mincemeat will bubble over the edge when cooking.

How to make a puff pastry mincemeat tart

Now it’s time to decorate the top of your puff pastry mincemeat tart. Take the off cut of pastry and cut out stars, with by hand or using a star cookie cutter. Place the pastry stars on the mincemeat tart.

mincemeat puff pastry tart

Bake the puff pastry mincemeat tart for 18 minutes until the pastry rises. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

We added a drizzle of icing to our mincemeat tart and served with Brandy Butter.


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