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Paper moose bookmark craft for kids

Paper moose bookmark craft for kids

Winter is such a cold season but there are plenty of opportunities to craft. We’ve been trying to spend time out in our garden every day (in lots of layers!) but are happy to craft inside too. We love creating with paper and couldn’t resist crafting a paper moose bookmark for kids.

List of craft supplies:

Coloured card (dark brown, light brown, cream and pink)

Craft glue

Black Sharpie or permanent pen

Wooden craft stick



Paper moose puppet supplies

How to make a paper moose:

Select dark brown, light brown, cream and pink coloured card for the paper moose. Trace the body and the head patterns on the light brown craft paper, the horns and small rectangles on dark brown craft paper, the half-circular shape and the oval shape on the cream paper; and the small half circle shapes on pink coloured craft paper. Cut out the traced patterns using scissors.

Paper moose puppet activity

Glue the oval shaped cutouts on the bottom side of the head cutout and glue the 2 pink half-circular pieces on the ear parts attached to the head cutout. Stick the cream half-circular piece on the bottom side of the body cutouts, between the 2 legs and the 2 rectangle pieces on the open ends of the legs.

Paper moose puppet activity

Use scissors to level the extra parts of the rectangles attached to the legs. Stick the horn pattern on the top side of the head cutout.

Paper moose puppet craft

Glue the head on the front side of the body cutout by overlapping the neck part slightly. Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the paper moose.

Paper moose puppet activity for kids

Stick the papercraft moose on a craft stick to complete your puppet craft. This makes a great bookmark or puppet for storytelling.

Paper moose puppet craft for kids

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    January 16, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    This is such a cute craft, love his little face.

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