Shift Your Online Dating Game to the Next Level, and Then Some

Disclosure – this is a guest post

Online dating apps are all about putting your best, photogenic foot forward. One that captures the essence of who you are, what you do, and what interests you. And as the saying goes, “A picture says a thousand words.” That is why it is so important for you to present yourself looking and feeling your best in every shot that you post.

Now, although we, as men, may not always put as much thought into our online profiles as some of our female counterparts out there do, having the right look that highlights your best features is essential if you are looking to find the perfect lady for your life. That is why the Seattle dating photographer has arrived in your life and is there to help you shift your online dating app game to the next level and beyond.

Anatomy of a Picture

Without appearing overdone or over-exaggerated, dating pictures need to show off your best side and your best qualities while at the same time capturing your unique and stand-out features. If there is one thing that is bound to sink you before anyone even gets to know you, it is a photo that is doctored.

This is going to make you seem like a dishonest character, and who wants that? Nobody! That’s who. So why take the chance to tarnish your reputation before anyone has had the opportunity to really find out who you are? You will be doing yourself no favours at all.

It only takes about 3 seconds to make or break your initial impression on a dating app, so it is advisable that you use those precious seconds to the best of your advantage. Filters and Photoshop are not really doing your cause any favours, and no matter what you think, they are not your best friends when you are looking for love.

Pictures that are Uniquely You

Anyone can take a selfie, but taking a great selfie is somewhat of an art form unto itself. And let’s be honest: we do not always see the best sides of ourselves, and that shows in the pictures that we post. Boys and men, seemingly regardless of age, tend to be swiped left more often than not, as these pics we are posting are not showing what we want them to see.

They want to see us being the best versions of ourselves. That means showing them who we are when we are looking absolutely shwifty and enjoying the things that we love to do. That is how you are going to get the swipes you want from the women you want them from. That really does change the game.

Getting hits from people that you want to get hits from is a real confidence booster and lets you know that those who like your profile are likely ones that you are going to enjoy spending your time with and your money on. So do yourself a favour: put the phone down, get a second set of eyes on you, and change the dating game from the ground up.

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