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Mini book snow globe

Mini book snow globe

This year I’m taking part in the Goodreads 2023 Reading Challenge. I set my target to read 35 books this year. I don’t read so much with my children anymore, and I’m also working full-time, which doesn’t leave me as much time to read as I would like.

So 35 books felt realistic – there’s nothing worse than setting yourself a target that you won’t reach.

I like using Goodreads to record the books I read, but I wanted to make some kind of visual representation too. I decided to combine a mini version of the books I’ve read with a snow globe, to make a mini book snow globe.

To make your own mini book snow globe you will need:

Foam board


Scissors or scalpel

Plastic fillable snow globe

I bought my supplies from Hobbycraft but any fillable snow globe will do. I like these ones as they are plastic, very handy when you have children around. We’ve previous used them to make a really fun Playmobil family snow globe.

How to make a mini book snow globe

First you will need to make mini versions of the books you have read. To do this I found images of the front covers or used my own photos and imported them into a Word document. Then I was able to re-size them, so each cover measured 2.5 cm in height. I waited until I had a few images to print, then printed them on standard printer paper.

Mini book snow globe

I trimmed around a block of books and stuck the row of books to the foam board.

Mini book snow globe

I then cut round each book using a metal ruler and a scalpel to make my mini books.

Mini book snow globe

To ensure there were no cheeky white bits I decided to cover the back of each mini book too. I printed out a second sheet of covers, cut them out and attached a second cover on the back. The mini books are super cute!

Mini book snow globe

The last thing to do was to put the mini books into the fillable snow globe. I placed the mini books inside the snow globe, pushed in the base bung and twisted the lid tight.

fillable snow globe

I keep my mini book snow globe on my desk and I love to watch it fill as I finish a book. I’ll still be adding my books to Goodreads but this makes a great visual reminder too.

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