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Land of Golden Sleep

We’re really fortunate that Edward is a good sleeper. However, not everyone baby is a good sleeper and the latest Pampers campaign may be of interest. As part of the launch of the new Baby-Dry nappy, Pampers have just launched the Land of Golden Sleep where mums can find helpful hints and tips to help their little ones fall asleep!

Apparently while your baby sleeps they can wee up to 12 times a night! Until now the link between weeing and baby’s sleep has not been fully understood. However, the results of new research, pioneered by Pampers, offers exciting findings. The study discovered that the actual motion of having a wee can potentially wake your baby up (what Pampers calls the pesky Invisible Alarm Clock in the land of golden sleep). Then as your little one wees more and more throughout the night the wetness can build and may disturb their sleep.

Pampers have been working with their sleep expert Wendy Dean who has created four new age-related bedtime routines, called the Pampers Soothology™ routines. The routines aim to help ease families through their baby’s ever changing night time needs: from 0-3 months; 4-6 months; 7-12 months; and 12+ months.

As part of this campaign Pampers are hosting a live Twitter chat with Wendy on Thursday 17th March, the first from 11am-12pm and then the second will be from 3-4pm. There will be an opportunity to tweet @Wendy_Dean any questions you have about sleep, using the hashtag #PampersSoothology and she will try and answer live via webcam! We will be setting Wendy up on Twitter exclusively for this interview and you will be able to find her at @Wendy_Dean from Monday 14th March.

If you have a specific question you would like to pose prior to the chat you can send them via Twitter using the #PampersSoothology hashtag. Obviously with such limited time Wendy might not be able to cover everything so Pampers will be running a competition to win an hour consultation with Wendy. The winner will be chosen at random from those that tweet using the #PampersSoothology hashtag.

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