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The day I met Paula Radcliffe

Blogging has it’s perks and the best event of the year so far was the invite for me and Little Sis to meet Paula Radcliffe. I have photographic evidence:

me and Paula Radcliffe

Yes she is tiny and I am huge but doesn’t Little Sis look pretty?! Moving on….

We were there to celebrate Pampers who have teamed up with Paula Radcliffe to celebrate babies’ spirit of play through the Pampers Little Athlete campaign. Did you know a cruising baby can take as many steps as a marathon runner in a race within 24 hours?

As the world’s greatest athletes descend upon London for the 2012 Olympic Games, Pampers, a P&G brand,  has teamed up with Paula Radcliffe, Olympic Games marathon runner and mum to Raphael (16 months) and Isla (4 years), to launch the ‘Pampers Little Athlete’ campaign – helping mums celebrate the playtime achievements of their own little athletes.

To salute the spirit of play in every baby across the UK, Pampers is introducing a Limited Edition GB Design Active Fit nappy, allowing mums and babies to show their national pride.

Pampers Olympics nappies

Parents can learn a lot from how their babies play, and how best to support and nurture their own unique spirit of play.  That’s why Pampers has developed the Pampers Little Athlete campaign.  Created with the help of Pampers Village Parenting Panel baby development expert, Dr Maggie Redshaw, the campaign provides parents with tips and advice on how to encourage their babies’ play, through a series of online videos, featuring Paula Radcliffe and her son, Raphael.

To find out more about the Pampers Little Athlete campaign go to the Pampers UK & Ireland Facebook page (

Pampers Active Fit nappies are available in size 3 (9-20lbs / 4-9kg), size 4 (25-44lbs / 7-18kg), 4+ (20-44lbs / 9-20kg) and size 5 (24+ lbs / 11-25kg). A carry pack costs around £6.49 RRP.

baby competition parenting

Tips for new mums (#newmumtips)

Pampers celebrates the potential in every baby and by sharing your ‘newborn’ advice you could win a £50 voucher to a spa or restaurant of your choice. Interested? Read on!

Knowing my Second Baby is due next week (eek!) Pampers asked me if I would like to help celebrate by sharing with other Mums the best piece of ‘newborn’ advice we were given. After much discussion with my husband we thought the best piece of advice was to do with nappy changes! At our NCT antenatal class we were told if we had a boy to change his nappy swiftly, otherwise the cold air could cause him to wee before we had a chance to grab a clean nappy! We always remembered this piece of advice which helped those frequent early nappy changes pass without incident.

I would love to know what readers of the gingerbread house think is their own best piece of ‘newborn’ advice. In return, anyone who shares their advice by commenting below could be in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher to a spa or restaurant of their choice. Pampers are hoping to get as many mums as possible, who are active online, to share their invaluable advice with other mums. They have also created the twitter hash tag #newmumtips in case you want to share your advice on twitter too.

Don’t forget – expectant mums can also register at Pampers Village and get a FREE Baby Welcome Pack at 32 weeks filled with some first day essentials, including ten Pampers New Baby nappies, a travel pack of Pampers wipes – perfect to pop into a hospital bag – and a copy of the Pampers Village magazine. Mums can now also connect with other mums for info and advice on the Pampers UK & Ireland Facebook page.


I have one £50 voucher to give to a reader of the gingerbread house which can be used at a spa or restaurant of your choice.

To enter:

Mandatory – Leave me a comment below sharing your best piece of ‘newborn’ advice and share this giveaway using the Retweet button below.


The giveaway will end on the 1st December at midnight. The winner will be chosen randomly for all those who have left a comment and tweeted, and will be contacted using the email address or twitter name provided. If the winner does not reply within 3 days the competition will be redrawn. UK only.


Born to play

We recently took a look at how Edward plays with help from Pampers and found out he loves Active play. We were invited to try out the Pampers Active Fit Play challenge for one week, were sent a week’s supply of Pampers Active Fit nappies and tried out some of Dr Maggie’s Redshaw’s play tips for the other 3 types of play – social, make-believe and exploratory play.

We’ve used Pampers nappies since Edward was born and for this challenge have been trying Pampers Active Fit nappies size 5. They fit well and haven’t leaked once (despite rigorous play!) and I think we have previously been using the wrong size. Over the last week we have been trying lots of different activities:

Social play encourages social skills.

I always think of Edward as a social bunny, especially confident with people he knows. He chats away in his own language and can wave, give kisses and cuddles when he’s in the right mood! He loves copying us and spends ages on his phone talking away, he is also always on the lookout for a time when we leave the laptop open so he can mimic us and tap away on the keyboard. We try to walk to our local shop and yesterday I gave Edward his own money so he could pay for his chocolate buttons. He gets a little more confident every time we go and  sat on the counter and babbled away to the shop owner. He loves playing with daddy and last night I watched Edward sitting with him whilst he mixed spices for our curry. Edward loved using the mortar and pestle (although I might have to invest in his own plastic set!).

Make-believe play helps grow your child’s imagination.

This has been a really interesting type of play to observe. Edward spends lots of time with me at home and this is an area I think we can improve the most. He’s always loved having imaginary conversations on his phone but when I’ve introduced other toys, such as pretend fruit, he hasn’t really known what to do. He enjoys playing with his pretend lawnmower and loves the playhouse at the local library I’m just not sure he is using them for pretend play – but does it matter as long as he is having fun? He has a plastic policeman’s hat which he thinks is funny if we all wear so I might invest in some more dressing up items to see if this will engage him more.

Exploratory play nurtures your baby’s curiosity and love of learning.

I love this type of play as Edward has always been very inquisitive! He’s really funny and can endlessly play with boxes, putting things in and taking them out. He likes to feel different textures too and the sandpit and water table have been brilliant purchases over the warmer sunnier months. This type of play is very cheap and he loves looking through our recycling box and playing with his toys in the bath. He’s a typical boy and has just received his first train set. He loves playing with it with daddy and spends hours with each piece, seeing how it works and pressing the buttons. He also loves mega bloks, simple wooden blocks and anything which makes a noise from his own ‘iPhone’ to his Winnie the Pooh laptop. I’m also trying to get him to take a greater interest in the natural world and on our latest trip to the park we collected leaves, pine cones and acorns.


I enjoyed looking at the different play types and how they matched the way Edward plays. I like reassurance so found it helpful to see how his playing changes as he gets older, the skills he is developing and picked up some new ideas to try out with him too. I like to think I’m quite crafty and creative and need to be braver with Edward and get messy. We bake together quite a lot but I’m keen to break out the paint pots I’ve squirreled away and try finger painting and play dough.

We love Pampers Active Fit nappies (which contain innovative Dry MaxTM technology) which feature the best Pampers dryness as well as the best Pampers fit, to help your baby take playtime to the max. They’ve always done us proud and stand up to Edward’s outside or indoors adventures.

If you would like to know more about any of the types of play, you can have a look at the Pampers Born To Play hub and pick up some of Dr Maggie’s Redshaw’s play tips at