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How to make your own Easter eggs

I think it’s fair to say we’re enjoying our Easter holidays. The 4 year old was in desperate need of a break from his nursery routine (he attends for five afternoons a week) and we’ve been crafting, to the beach, seen family and friends and for the first time, made our own Easter eggs!

Have you ever tried using a chocolate mould before? We found it surprisingly time consuming as each layer needs to be left to solidify before another one is added.

“Daddy, me have more chocolate please!”

making chocolate easter eggs 2

It was great fun though and there was plenty of chocolate left over which made the children happy as they could lick the bowl. As the shells were so fragile (one broke whilst getting it out of the mould) we didn’t join two to make eggs, instead decorating the shells flat. This meant it was much easier for small hands to hold onto. We used icing tubes as glue to stick on a sweetie face.

We were sent the Easter Egg Kit from #stayinhappybunnies to take part in this fun craft activity

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