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How to make Liberty Easter Eggs

How to make Liberty Easter Eggs

I love crafting with Liberty fabrics. I have a lovely collection for crafting with and the patterns and colours always seem to compliment each other. I picked up some mache eggs from Hobbycraft and thought they would be fun to decorate with this Easter. Our Easter decorations are usually quite simple. Each year I try to make a few new decorations, this year I’ve added Liberty Easter Eggs to our decorations!

Liberty Easter Eggs materials:

Mache eggs from Hobbycraft

Liberty London fabric scraps

Mod Podge

Paint brush

How to make Liberty Easter Eggs

How to make Liberty Easter Eggs

I already had a stash of Liberty fabric scraps leftover from sewing projects. These were little off cuts, not big enough for any sewing projects. I decided to cover some mache eggs in the fabric, so they could then be hung from twigs.

I took one of the mache eggs, covered a small area in Mod Podge and placed a piece of Liberty fabric over the glue.

mache eggs

I carried on adding more glue and fabric until the entire egg was covered. I made sure there were no white areas and was pretty generous with the Mod Podge as I knew it would dry clear. I smoothed any bumpy areas down with my finger.

easy Liberty London Easter eggs

I hung the eggs on a branch as each egg had a hanging loop, it took them a few hours to dry completely. They make the prettiest Easter eggs. I tried to choose pretty pinks for an Easter palette but I don’t think you can go wrong with Liberty fabrics.

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