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How to make Pokemon painted rocks

How to make Pokemon painted rocks

My 7 year old is currently obsessed by all things Pokemon. I think it started when we went and watched Detective Pikachu at the cinema and she has been spending her money on Pokemon Trading Cards and poke balls ever since! Yes, we all played Pokemon Go all over the Netherlands and Belgium the other week.

Earlier in the summer we had some wet weather so used the time to make a new stash of painted rocks to hide in our local area. Our local Painted Rock group is really busy so we’ve been making lots of painted rocks to hide for others to find. We had so much fun with our Pokemon themed painted rocks. If you like Pokemon crafts then you might be interested in our Poke Ball Pom Pom craft and our Pikachu Desk Tidy.

We used:

Bag of smooth pebbles or rocks

Selection of pens

Varnish to seal the painted rocks (we use Wilko Gloss Yacht Varnish)

White spray paint

How to make Pokemon painted rocks

We chose our pocks and gave them all a coat of white paint so we had a lovely smooth surface to work on. Then we used a pencil to sketch our designs onto each rock. My daughter wanted poke balls and her favourite characters such as Pikachu and Charmander.

decorating painted rocks

When she was happy with the designs we stated to colour them in using Posca pens.

drawing pikachu on a rock

I recently bought a selection of pens with fine nibs which are great for smaller rocks and adding detail.

how to make pokemon painted rocks

We started colouring the pokemon rocks in, making sure each colour was dry before we added the next.

Pokemon painted rocks

When our painted rocks were dry we gave them a coat of Wilko Gloss Yacht Varnish. This takes about 24 hours to dry but gives the rocks a really lovely shine. We made sure to add our local hashtag and hid them around our local library. Hopefully they will get found soon.

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