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How to Make a Funny Photo Montage

How to Make a Funny Photo Montag

If you are looking for a new hobby or simply for a way to entertain yourself and your friends, a funny photo montage might be the answer. Just take your time and let your imagination flow. For example, you can edit a family photo taken at home and create a picture at the beach or in front of the Eiffel Tower! Or you can add a funny clown or a strong superhero to a birthday picture of your child. Here are some other great ideas:

  • You can put your child on the moon or on a star
  • You can add a cat’s snout to your face
  • You can make your children a part of a famous old painting
  • You can add your children’s photo to a cartoon image and make them a part of a funny animation story

How to Make a Photo Montage? 

Don’t think it’s too hard for you and requires deep knowledge of photo editing. Instead of spending time on learning all the intricacies of Photoshop, make a photo montage in a more newbie friendly program – PhotoWorks. It contains the same set of essential editing tools to create such a fun picture but offers a shorter learning curve. Your little ones will also easily master the program due to its simple navigation and self-explanatory interface. 

Come Up with the Best Idea

Firstly, try to visualise your future funny photo montage and decide on the theme. If you want to relocate your family to another country, which country would it be? France and Eiffel Tower or maybe Italy and Colosseum? Or perhaps you would like to create a family photo at a gorgeous beach? Look for a picture of a beach online and choose a couple that you and your children like the most – with crystal blue water and amazing palm trees. You should rather select more than one photo in case during the editing you realise that the one you picked was not the best choice after all. Then pick a family photo where the entire family looks happy and joyful and wears their best swimsuits. 

Step-by-Step Guide

How to create a photo montage:

  1. First, open the image. Then go to Tools and select the Change Background tool.
  2. Here you have two brushes: the Object Brush to mark the part of the picture that you would like to cut out and the Background Brush to mark the area you no longer need. The tool is very intuitive, so there is no need for precision, just paint over the edges of the object and the background in one quick movement.
  3. In case the background has a complex pattern or the colours of the object and the surroundings are similar, you might need to make further adjustments. Lower the opacity to make the imperfections visible and use the above-mentioned brushes to make corrections.
  4. The next step is selecting a new background image. Go through the pictures you have previously found on the internet and pick the one that fits the best. Your picture montage is ready!

What Else You Can Do with PhotoWorks

Hopefully, you and your kids had a lot of fun making a photo montage and you are ready to create more funny memes to entertain your friends and family members. They are a great way to put a smile on your friends’ faces and lighten their mood. Besides, creating a montage of photos will help your little ones boost their creativity – open any random picture for your children and let them try out the editing options. They can play with Portrait Magic to enhance the quality of portraits and maybe even apply Healing Brush and Clone Stamp to edit small imperfections. 

The program is easy-to-use and entails a number of straight-forward editing options. 


What can be better than see your kids entertaining themselves and being creative and productive at the same time!


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