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How to Create a Wood Flower Bouquet for Home Decor

How to Create a Wood Flower Bouquet for Home Decor

Disclosure – a guest blog post by Sola Wood Flowers

With the change of the seasons and summer beginning, you might be looking forward to some exciting hosting opportunities. Spring and summer are optimal times to gather together with your friends and family and enjoy good weather and great food. But is your house really ready for all your summer parties? If you find that your home decor is in need of some sprucing up, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to teach you about Sola Wood Flowers and how they can help you to create gorgeous, seasonal decorations that will embody the beauty of the warm summer season in the perfect way. With the help of these wood flower decorations, your home will look festive and welcoming for all your special guests.

What Are Wood Flowers?

So, what are wood flowers anyway? Sola Wood Flowers are handmade and carefully crafted using tapioca root, which is a natural material that grows abundantly in nature, making their harvesting process quite eco-friendly. Once the tapioca root is harvested, dried, and processed into long, delicate strips, it is then formed into petals and different flower shapes. There are many different types of wood flowers that are created to resemble fresh flowers, such as garden roses. Some wood flowers have small, rustic bark details, and others are creamy and white, but all of them can be dyed into a huge variety of colours. These pretty blooms are then used to create flower decorations that can be used (and reused) in many different ways. The best part is that these wood flowers don’t need to be watered! They’ll stay looking vibrant, fresh, and beautiful for many years as long as you dust them occasionally, and don’t let them spend too much some in direct sunlight, lest they get bleached. (Pro tip: If your flowers happen to get bleached, you can easily restore them to their original beauty by dyeing them again using wood flower dye!)

How to Create a Wood Flower Bouquet for Home Decor

Finding The Right Wood Flowers For You

If you’ve never used Sola Wood Flowers before, how do you know what type of wood flowers you should use for your home decor craft? Here is a short but helpful guide to the different types of wood flowers you can use according to your personal crafting abilities. 

Order Wood Flowers in Bulk

First, if you anticipate that you’re going to be making multiple flower bouquets and different flower arrangements, you might want to order your wood flowers in bulk. These bulk packs are incredibly affordable. You can even potentially get hundreds of wood flowers for less than half the price that you would pay for a single fresh flower bouquet. You can order different sizes and styles of wood flowers, including flowers that feature natural wood bark details. When you order wood flowers in bulk, you’ll be able to use the full extent of your creativity to design and form your own decorative bouquet.

Wood Flower Craft Kits

If you need a little bit of help creating your wood flower bouquet but still want the satisfying feeling of completing a DIY, these wood flower craft kits could be perfect for you. These kits contain any floral supplies that you could possibly need to put together a gorgeous decorative bouquet. From wood flowers to wire stems to hot glue to hold everything together, these kits will set you up for success. You can even watch helpful tutorials online to walk you through the step-by-step process!

Bouquets Done For You

If you love the look of a wood flower bouquet but can’t quite manage to create one on your own, you might like the Done For You collection. You can personalise these bouquets by choosing your dye colours, floral filler, and greenery. Then, Sola Wood Flower designers will assemble your bouquet for you and ship it straight to your house. There is no easier way to get a gorgeous wood flower bouquet!

How to DIY a Wood Flower Bouquet

Once you’ve ordered your Sola Wood Flowers, you’ll be ready to start the DIY flower arranging process. Here are a few simple tips on how to DIY your own bouquet with wood flowers. 

Prep Your Flowers (dye and stem)

First, you’ll want to do some prep to ensure that your flowers are ready for crafting. First, if your wood flowers aren’t dyed yet, you should dye them by dipping them into the dye mixture and allowing them to dry thoroughly. Next, your wood flowers will ship to you without stems, which makes them ready for all sorts of different crafting projects. So, you’ll need to attach your floral wire stems to the wood flower heads using hot glue. Once the dye and hot glue are both entirely dried, you’ll be ready to start your arrangement.

Start With Large Flowers

You’ll start arranging your bouquet by collecting your largest flowers together. These flowers will be the focal point of your arrangement, so they’ll generally showcase the colours that you really want to stand out among the other flowers. Whether you’re assembling your bouquet in your hand or using a vase or some floral foam to help you, just make sure you leave plenty of space in between the flowers. This will allow you to fill out the rest of the arrangement with smaller flowers, floral filler, and greenery. 

Add Smaller Flowers and Filler

Next, you’ll start to add the more delicate flowers to your arrangement. These flowers should highlight different colours and floral styles, adding more intricacy and uniqueness to your bouquet. You can also fill in the gaps and empty spaces in between the flowers with floral filler. These tiny, delicate flowers will make your bouquet look like it has been professionally arranged.

Frame with Greenery

Don’t forget the greenery! You can add as much or as little greenery as you’d like, but even the addition of a few tiny bits of greenery will make your bouquet look nicely finished. There are lots of types of preserved or faux greenery that will be beautifully paired with your wood flowers. You can add some larger, longer pieces of greenery around the outside of your bouquet for a framed look. You can also add some bouquet grass or stem covers to give the bouquet a more realistic look.

Tie it Off and Finish

Finally, you’re ready to finish off your bouquet. It is time to secure all of the flowers in place by tying it together with some floral tape and strong rubber bands. Wrap those around the stems until all the pieces of the bouquet are secure. You can even shake your bouquet a little bit to ensure that all the flowers are staying in place. Then, cover up the rubber bands with some pretty ribbon. Whether you wrap the length of the stems or leave some long ribbon strings dangling, this will be the perfect finishing touch on your decorative arrangement.

What Else Can I Make With Sola Wood Flowers?

Now that you know how to make a gorgeous wood flower bouquet for your home, you’re probably wondering what else you can make with Sola Wood Flowers. After all, you can order your flowers in bulk and have plenty of supplies for other crafts and home decor pieces. Here are a few ideas of other home decor pieces that you can make using wood flowers.

  • Wood Flower Wreath
  • Wood Flower Mantle Garland
  • Wood Flower Centerpieces
  • Wood Flower Scent Diffusers
  • Wood Flower Wall Hangings
  • Wood Flower Wall Monograms  
  • Wood Flower Lanterns

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