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Help! My buggy board bites!

I’m at war with my pram. I don’t understand it. It was expensive and the ‘must have’ accessory where we live but it’s by no means ideal.

At one point late last year we had 6 prams stuffed in every corner of the house and sheds (yes sheds, our house is overflowing!). We sold 2 and left one at my mum’s so now we have just 3. That leaves our Voyage which I love. I can’t bear to part with it and I live in hope that one day we will leave the house with BB walking and LS in this. In the last 8 weeks it’s been great to throw in the boot whilst I carry LS in the sling round the park.

The Bugaboo has been a lifesaver and to be honest I never thought we’d use it again.  We bought a buggy board and BB has taken to it like a duck to water. At 22 months I thought he was too young to stand up but he’s not. LS fits snugly into her Maxi-Cosi car seat and off we go. At first we tried small trips to the local shops but the last few weeks we’ve been to nursery and Tumbletots too.

That just leaves our brand spanking new Phil & Ted’s. BB loves sitting in either position and LS loves snoozing in her snug bassinet. I just find it heavy to lift (not great after a csection!) and am yet to venture on public transport with it but it’s great for local trips to the shops.

The only problem with the buggy board is that it makes it difficult to walk properly behind it. I have to walk either side of the Bugaboo, pushing it with one hand, or end up kicking it with every step I take! Last week I found out I’ll be testing the new iCandy Strawberry with Little Sis. I can’t wait as I love my prams!


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