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Han Solo painted rock

HAN SOLO painted rock

Are you looking forward to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story next month? Our family all love Star Wars so I can’t wait to go and watch the film with the whole family. We love to craft around the Star Wars films. You can search for some of our Star Wars crafts here. Today we’ve combined our love of Star Wars with our enjoyment of painting and hiding rocks in our local area, and made a Star Wars/Han Solo painted rock to hide at the weekend.

For our Star Wars themed painted rocks I used white cobblestones, a black Posca pen, and template of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Han Solo painted rock

I found a picture of Han Solo and Princess Leia online and used it to create a template for my painted rock. Although I was just going to create a painted rock for Han Solo, I decided I couldn’t really have one without the other. As well as featuring a silhouette of both characters, I also wanted to add the immortal lines “I love you”, and “I know”, from The Empire Strikes Back film.

I carefully cut out the silhouettes of Han Solo and Princess Leia so I could use them as a template (I’m rubbish at drawing!).

Solo: A Star Wars Story craft

I carefully held each one over a white cobblestone, colouring them in with a black Posca pen.

Solo: A Star Wars Story craft

Although I used the largest stone I could find it was still pretty tricky to hold it in place. You can see there was a tiny bit of bleeding around each face but I haven’t yet found a way of removing pen.

Han Solo painted rock

I left them to dry before adding the words around each face.

Star Wars painted rock activity

I added our local hashtag to the reverse and made sure they were varnished on both sides to protect them from the great British weather. I can’t wait to hide them this weekend, and see the film next month too.

Star Wars painted rocks

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