Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies

How are you treating the Dad in your family this year? We’ve booked a delicious Sunday lunch in a nearby pub, I’m very happy I don’t have to slave over a hot stove for once!

As a treat for my husband I’ve been busy baking some Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies. We don’t have any intolerances but we all adore brownies and this recipe sounded interesting!

Dr Oetker ingredients

I’ve never baked without using flour before but I followed the recipe for Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies (gluten free) on the Dr Oetker website. The only slight change I made was to bake my brownies in three small foil trays instead of one large one. You should have smelt my kitchen when they were baking, it really filled the whole house!

When the brownies had baked and cooled a little we tried one of them. As well as copious amounts of chocolate, the brownies are made with sugar and ground almond. I love brownies with chunks of nuts so this had all of the taste but with chunks of white chocolate!

flourless brownies

The brownie didn’t last long as everyone enjoyed a generous portion. The other two have been put away for Father’s Day, if my husband can wait that long.

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