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Floral wallpaper {wallpaper with flowers for a vivid ambience}

Floral wallpaper

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When it comes to wallpapers with flowers, you are looking at a rich variety of styles. Because floral wallpaper is not just flower wallpaper. Whether it’s a romantic country house style, modern and contemporary design or an elegant vintage look – floral wallpapers create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere and create a harmonious mood.

However, it doesn’t always have to be summery colourful or spring-like light, because the floral wallpaper is interpreted by various manufacturers in the hottest living styles and enjoys great attention even in more straightforward, pop-cultural or abstract styles.

Wallpaper 32800-1 A.S. Création Urban Flowers

Floral & fragile: flower wallpaper in romantic country house style

A wallpaper with flowers in the romantic country house style takes a very special place. Here the floral decorations convince with very delicate and fragile designs in a light and restrained colour palette. In the country house style, detailed and fine floral wallpapers find a place above all, which often still strengthen the light and relaxed impression by watercolour appearances or textile structures. Playful wallpapers in delicate pink, soft blue, cream or apricot create the perfect background for flowers of all kinds and can be ideally combined with natural materials and light furniture.

Wallpaper 358731 Livingwalls Djooz 2

The contemporary flower field: modern floral wallpapers

If you like it a little more modern and contemporary, a wallpaper with flowers, which is oriented to the current living trends. Very trendy and very stylish is for example sensual art deco wallpaper in an extravagant colour palette or striking flower wallpaper in the retro look of the 60s and 70s. But also restrained Scandinavian wallpaper and exotic wall coverings offer themselves as modern wallpapers for a meaningful wall design.

The modern interpretation of the floral wallpaper is often convincing due to the contrast between the naturalness and fragility of flowers and the striking and linear design in strong colours and concise contours. This creates a symbiosis of natural elegance and artistic extravagance. Often graphic and geometric elements set a counterpoint to the floral and dynamic designs, creating unusual contrasts.

Wallpaper 363171 A.S. Création Palila

Scandinavian flower wallpaper with a calm aesthetic

The Scandinavian style of furnishing is based on nature, clear forms and contours and a restrained, calm colour palette. Correspondingly, a Scandinavian wallpaper with flowers convinces with a quiet and discreet aesthetics, which makes the Scandinavian style so stimulating and exciting precisely because of its inconspicuousness. Floral wallpaper in the Nordic style, for example, usually enchants with a monochrome and simple elegance, subtle and fine designs. Graphic decors also play a role in the floral, Scandinavian style and provide a certain youthfulness and urban charm.

Wall Mural Rose 1 DD110741 Livingwalls Walls by Patel

Take a trip around the world with floral wallpaper!

A wallpaper with flowers doesn’t always have to be just the native wallflowers. Here, not only the most diverse types of flowers and living styles are taken up, but also influences from different cultures and countries, so that with a floral wallpaper you can easily go on a trip around the world and explore the most exotic plants on earth from the comfort of your couch. Exotic floral wallpapers with jungle and palm tree motifs are enlivened by colourful birds and butterflies, creating a playful and cheerful atmosphere.

Wallpaper 362021 A.S. Création Neue Bude 2.0

Asian floral wallpaper for a cultivated interior

Also in the Asian style floral structures are taken up and interpreted in a more abstract and almost refined way. A floral wallpaper in Chinese or Japanese style is characterised by sophisticated and respectable colour shades such as grey, cream, mustard yellow, black and red and conjures up a glamorous flair with the often organic-looking floral designs. The stylish charm of floral wallpapers is enhanced by subtle paper and natural looks, washed-out effects or very dense and detailed patterns.

Wallpaper 359543 Livingwalls

Flower power: Experience the past with flower wallpapers!

With a floral wallpaper you can not only create a very appealing and lively interior, but also take a little trip back in time. Travel back to the 18th century and transform your rooms into a castle with elegant floral wallpaper or go back just a few decades. Exciting vintage wallpaper with flowers provides cheerful and original accents with striking and large-scale patterns and striking contrasts, while finer, playful decors promise freedom and creativity.

Wallpaper 362921 Livingwalls Cozz

The castle garden within your four walls: Floral wallpaper in antique style

Experience living from the majestic side with stylish baroque wallpaper with flowers and turn your rooms into the elegant chambers of a castle. Numerous ornamental wallpapers inspire with lush floral patterns, magnificent bouquets and sprawling floral arrangements. A floral wallpaper in the historical style comes in colours such as sensual red, royal blue, extravagant black, grey or innocent white very elegant and noble and is often ennobled by metallic accents.

Wallpaper 306576 Architects Paper Metallic Silk

Floral wallpaper in Art Deco style: floral patterns & sensual elegance

The Art Deco style stands for abundance, euphoria and sensuality and appears very elegant and cultivated. Art Deco wallpapers often play with the contrast of futuristic patterns and floral structures and a very expressive colour palette. A floral wallpaper in for example black and gold, moss green, mustard yellow or deep blue generates a chic and almost intellectual flair. An Art Deco wallpaper with flowers can be ideally combined with golden living accessories and high-quality vintage furniture in dark wood.

Wallpaper 363106 A.S. Création Palila

Wall mural with flowers for an authentic floral wall design

In addition to the numerous floral wallpapers with flowers, wall murals with realistic flower splendour also enchant. With a floral wall mural, you can bring a summery, colourful flower field into your home all year round or recreate the splendour of a lush bouquet of flowers. A realistic floral wallpaper creates an almost three-dimensional impression, so that the flowers seem close enough to touch and you have the feeling of enjoying the delicate scent of roses, tulips and lavender.

Wall Mural Bouquet Noir 1 DD110631 Livingwalls Walls by Patel


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    I do love a floral wallpaper as not only are they beautiful but also a statement look. My favourite is the floral and fragile style as it really does create a romantic country style.

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