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Filling pencil cases with Maped Helix

Filling pencil cases with Maped Helix

This year I’m delighted to be working with Maped Helix, purveyors of the finest school stationery. They sent us a bundle of their latest craft products to keep the children busy and stuff their pencil cases with as they head back to school next week.

Filling pencil cases with Maped Helix

The school uniform is bought, the school clothes have been labelled. Yesterday was all about filling pencil cases. My lovely 8 year old is going into Year 4 and is very excited about the chance to buy new stationery. Fortunately we were sent a lovely selection of products from Maped Helix which should see him through the year. Next week my son will have all his uniform, PE kit and stationery checked, to make sure he has everything and it’s all labelled! I made a head start on this as I don’t want him to get anxious about it.

We were sent a great bundle of items which helpfully ticked off most of the things he needed, including graphite pencils, a twist and flex ruler and highlighters. Everything is bright and colourful and I know he will have fun showing off everything he has when he’s back in the classroom next week.

My little 6 year old is going into Year 2 and doesn’t need any stationery which she is very upset about. Luckily there was plenty of things left for her. She loved the Stick Art Eraser, especially as you could customise it with stickers which were included!

There always seems to be so much to do when the kids go back to school. I’m really pleased we’ve done most things. I only need to get some school shoes and PE trainers now which I keep putting off. I hate shoe shopping with my children and shoe shopping always seems to bring out the worst in them.

Have you got everything ready for your children going back to school yet?

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