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Father’s Day preparations

embroidered handprint

Is it too early to be thinking about Fathers Day presents? I have all the important dates in my calendar but rarely have time to get crafty with the kids. This year Father’s Day will be different though – I keep telling myself so. I have plenty of ideas ‘pinned’ on Pinterest and I also have time if I start now.

Father’s Day preparations

I’m addicted to hand prints so made this last night, a simple embroidered hand print of the toddler. I was going to frame it in a vintage frame I found in a charity shop but the hand print was slightly too large so instead I used an embroidery frame. It’s not quite what I wanted so I’m wondering if I’ll do the same for Little Sis or not. It’s really difficult to draw round her hand but I think they make lovely keepsakes.

embroidered handprintoutline of a hand in running stitch

This was a trial run for a larger embroidery I’m working on of all our hands for Father’s Day. I’m terrible as I think of a project, buy the supplies, start and then just leave it. The house is full of little projects that need finishing!

Although I used a simple running stitch for the hand print I want to use split stitch for the family version. I think split stitch will look a bit more finished but it’s a new kind of stitch for me so I must get started soon. I’ve already drawn round our hands and transferred it on to linen, so no excuses really and the perfect project for another wet weekend!

embroidered handprintthe toddler making sure it is his hand print


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    June 14, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    do the hand prints also stitch their names for daddy…I am planning to do something like this but I do not have much needlework skills [wish me luck]

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    Chris at Must Have Gifts
    April 10, 2013 at 11:10 am

    This is a great idea, definitely not the usual Father’s Day gift but one which has a great personal feel. If there is room you could also stitch Happy Father’s Day as a message above the hand print.

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