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Easy no sew lavender bags

Easy no sew lavender bags

Our garden has really come alive this year. It bring the whole family joy and we all enjoy spending time, nurturing our plants! So far this year we’ve eaten homegrown peas, our sunflowers are growing tall and we have gorgeous lavender. We’ve crafted with it before and I couldn’t resist sharing our easy no sew lavender bags.


Fabric quarter – sold at craft stores

30g (¼ cup) dried lavender flower buds



Easy no sew lavender bags

How to make easy no sew lavender bags

Take your chosen fabric and cut your fabric into a 12 inch square.

fat quarter

Press your fabric to remove any creases (I wish I had done this step!).

fat quarter

Cut the ribbon to a 12”-18” length.

Measure out your lavender and place into the centre of your fabric square.

easy no sew lavender bag

Lift the sides of the square, then the top and bottom.

Easy no sew lavender bags


Next fold the corners in.

Easy no sew lavender bags

Bunch the fabric together, wrap the ribbon around and tie into a knot, then tie a bow, or two.

Easy no sew lavender bags

Place the sachet into a drawer or closet to keep linens and clothing smelling fresh.

Easy no sew lavender bags

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