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Easy painted rocks for kids to make

Easy painted rocks for kids to make

I thought it was time I posted an update on the painted rocks we’ve decorated and hidden recently. The two week Easter holidays gave us plenty of time to decorate rocks, and we were lucky to find a few too. It’s one of our favourite crafts because we always have the supplies close to hand. All you need to decorate rocks are some good quality pens and varnish to seal your design.

Easy painted rocks for kids to make

The Lego Movie 2 painted rocks

My children both loved The Lego Movie 2. Have you seen it yet? It’s a great film and a fun follow up to The Lego Movie. My son recently celebrated his 9th birthday and received lots of Lego Movie 2 lego sets and books which he was delighted with. It’s probably not surprising that The Lego Movie 2 inspired his latest collection of painted rocks.

Lego Movie 2 painted rocks

He made 6 and he really loved decorating them: General Sweet Mayhem, Queen Whatevra, Benny, Rex, Batman and the Duplo Alien.

Lego Movie 2 painted rocks

Hot Cross Bun rock

Over the Easter holidays we had fun decorating seasonal Easter egg rocks. They were so much fun to make! We decided to give them a coat of white paint and we decorated on top with patterns and a little chick. One rock looked a little like a squishy Hot Cross bun so we made it into a Hot Cross Bun rock. Good enough to eat, but hopefully no-one picked it up and tried.

Hot Cross Bun painted rock

Hatchimals painted rock

My 7 year old has been obsessed with Hatchimals for a long time now so it seemed a good idea to make a Hatchimals painted rock. We used quite a large rock for this and decorated it with a big pair of eyes. She couldn’t wait to hide it near our local library and it had been picked up by the time we walked past later. I hope someone enjoys it.

Hatchimals painted rock for kids

Teignmouth painted rock

My son wanted to decorate a special rock to leave whilst we were in Teignmouth.  We are all loving rainbows at the moment so he decorated a large rock with a rainbow and clouds. We made sure to varnish this one before we left and hid it whilst we were out in Teignmouth one day.

Teignmouth painted rock

So what do you think of our latest painted rocks? They are so simple to make and we just add our local tag so they can be posted to our Facebook group when found. I always leave a few in my car in case we go out somewhere special. We found quite a few whilst we were away in Teignmouth too but made sure to re-hide them.

Have you decorated any painted rocks recently?

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    May 5, 2019 at 7:50 am

    I used to love rock painting as a kid and my own one is getting a knack of it. We have not done one recently but thanks for this, we can do it over the bank holiday weekend.

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    Rhian westbury
    May 5, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    The hot cross bun rocks look so good, I’ve never tried rock painting but it looks very therapeutic x

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