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Back to School Duck Tape bookmarks

Back to School Duck Tape bookmarks

The Summer holidays are passing so very quickly and I can’t help but begin to think of the start of the new term. We still have lots to look forward to but I know I have to get school uniform up together (I’ve already done a lot of this thanks to M&S), label everything and pick up new stationery for my 8 year old. My son takes a reading book to school and we had fun crafting him some new Duck Tape bookmarks to use. They were so simple that I thought I would share them as Duck Tape crafts are always popular on my blog.

To make Duck Tape bookmarks you will need Duck Tape, an envelope and a pair of scissors.

Back to School Duck Tape bookmarks

Back to School Duck Tape bookmarks

There are some lovely Duck Tape colours and we used Grape, Gold and Herringbone to create our bookmarks.

Step 1. I wanted to make sure we had perfect right angles so used an envelope as the basis for our bookmarks. We cut the found corners off an envelope, making sure the widest point measured no more than 4.8cm, which is the width of a roll of Duck Tape.

Step 2. We placed the paper triangle on to the sticky side of the Duck Tape leaving plenty of excess tape on either side.

Back to School Duck Tape bookmarks

Step 3. Then we flipped it over and covered the other side of the envelope.

Duck Tape bookmark tutorial

Step 4. We trimmed the Duck Tape along the edges of the envelope, leaving a tiny excess which we smoothed closed with our fingers.

how to make a Duck Tape bookmark

This is such a great way to make a Duck Tape bookmark out of colourful Duck Tape. The paper means there are no sticky edges and you can put the bookmark over the corner of your page when you’ve finished reading – so much better than turning the corner of the page over.

Duck Tape bookmarks tutorial

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