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DNA VR: London’s first Virtual Reality Arcade

DNA VR: London's First Virtual Reality Arcade

This week we were invited to try DNA VR, London’s first and largest virtual reality attraction, taking immersive experiences to the next level with venues in Camden, Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station. We visited the Hammersmith venue, just 5 minutes from Hammersmith tube station.

DNA VR: London’s First Virtual Reality Arcade

DNA VR offers something for everyone. Kids ages 6 and up can test their rhythm with Synth Riders, play shop with Job Simulator, or shoot fruit with (what else?) Shooty Fruity.

Those a little older – and feeling a little braver – might like to try their luck to ‘Survive the Night’, a ‘shoot-em-up’ monster game in the Free Roam room, tackle the Pirate Plague or even the dreaded Hospital of Horrors.

The VR pods allow up to 10 people (kids and grown-ups alike) in the same game and offer true escapism with flying and teleporting encouraged. The “Free Roam” gallery offers 8 different games including 5 escape rooms, 1 horror experience and 2 shooting games.

With an 10 and 12 year old we opted for the Free Roam gallery and were shown into a simple room with dark walls.

DNA VR: First Virtual Reality Arcade Experience in London

We were explained the different options and talked through how DNA VR works. We opted for some shooting games and the equipment was set up. We each wore a headset, placed a small bag over our shoulders and held on to a controller in each hand. My husband also carried a rucksack full of equipment. Then the host left the room, although he said he would be on the chat at all times.

DNA VR: First Virtual Reality Arcade Experience in London

In our hour slot we had time for a couple of games and we tried Robots Onslaught and Survive the Night.

Robots Onslaught – on the rooftop, protect the Datagem from the onslaught as you await emergency extraction. Grab powerups and place force shields around the roof to gain an edge against the robots. See how many waves your team can get through, and compete to get the highest score!

Survive the Night – your small band of survivors has been on the road for weeks, seeking a place of safety from the infected dead. But as the sun begins to set, you hear the telltale sounds of shuffling feet and gurgling moans. You’re not safe yet.

Everyone likes shooting games and these were perfect for the family to try. As the game started we were completely transported into the game, we were able to shoot robots, drones and zombies whilst working together to get the highest score. The whole family loves to play games but this was a totally different experience, something for us all to do together.

Virtual Reality in London

The hour passed really quickly and before we knew it was time to go. The kids loved the experience and it made for a really fun holiday treat. There were lots of different games to try and we’re hoping to go back for the Experience Room one soon. The games were simple to understand and fun. It was a really strange experience and totally disorientating once the games had finished and our headsets removed! We would definitely recommend the DNA VR experience for gamers and those wanting to try something new.

DNA VR have venues in Camden, Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station. Find out more on their website.


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    Rhian westbury
    April 21, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    We did an interactive games thing like this but that wasn’t VR and that was so much fun, so I think a VR one would be even more amazing x

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    Erica Hughes
    April 22, 2022 at 2:26 pm

    We are big fans of VR here and have been using VR devices since fairly early days. It really adds another dimension to gaming.

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