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DIY puppy kissing booth

DIY puppy kissing booth

My kids love to craft with our pup and with Valentines Day coming up they wanted to make something special. We made him his own puppy costume for Halloween so it seemed only right to make him something to celebrate Valentines Day. This year we made a special kissing booth for him! You can make your own dog kissing booth with a cardboard box and some paint!

DIY puppy kissing booth

First we made the kissing booth from a large cardboard box. We cut a large slot out of the front of the box so our dog could sit in the box and see out.

Then we made our own stamps to decorate the cardboard kissing booth. We made them from a sponge and piece of foam. The children drew the shapes they wanted, they we carefully cut them out. We mixed all the pink paints we could find and they dipped their stamps in the paint and onto the box.

DIY puppy kissing booth

We decorated the front of the kissing booth, the sides and the top, then left it to dry whilst we made a sign.

DIY puppy kissing booth

There was some tape around the box so we cut a piece of brown paper to hide it. My son wrote ‘KISSING BOOTH’ on it and we glued it to the top of the front.

When everything was dry we let Chewie explore his kissing booth.

puppy kissing booth

I’m not sure how impressed our little pup was but the kids loved their cardboard box creation. It has been played with a lot and customised too. The little window flap was soon removed and a price list was added! I was even asked to carve our a money slot and some cardboard tokens were created (and chewed by the pup!).

I’m amazed how creative my kids can be and they’ve definitely got a lot of enjoyment from the empty cardboard box.

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    Kim Carberry
    February 11, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    Aww! This is so cute. What a fun idea and a great way to keep the kids busy x

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