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Decorating Your Home with Artwork You Create

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

For most of us, our home is an extremely important place. Even with the busy lives that we lead it is still where we spend the majority of our time. It is also the place we tend to feel happiest and can truly relax.

There are all kinds of ways to approach decorating your home. Naturally, I really enjoy making things for my home and I know that many of you do too. So, I thought a short round-up post of ideas might be in order. Many of the ideas below are really easy. In fact, my first idea does not require you to have any special skills.

Order customised items online

These days, you can have unique items and artwork created for you by specialist firms that you find online. You provide the inspiration and design and they take care of the actual production. This is perfect for those who are short on time or who are still creating their craft skills. For example, you could take one of your favourite photos and turned it into a canvas print for your home.

It is a good idea to search out canvas prints company that offer you plenty of choice when it comes to sizing and finishes. This is the best way to be able to buy something that fits in properly with your style of decor. If you are good at graphic design you could potentially take any image and change it to create a truly unique work of art.

If you want to you can take your photos and other image designs and send them off to be turned into all sorts of items for the home. Included on the list are wall stickers, flooring, cushion covers, bedding, blinds, decals for furniture and much more besides.

Craft your own wall hangings and soft-furnishings

For those who love to craft and have the time, there is nothing better than making items from scratch. You can either buy kits or make your own designs from scratch. Both approaches work really well.

The best approach is to use a crafting skill that you are already confident with to produce items for your main living area. You, family members and visitors are going to spend quite a bit time looking at them. Therefore, you want them to look right.

You can learn and practice other craft skills by making items for areas like your bedroom. Once you are happy with the results, you can then make new items for your main living spaces, as well.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

It really does not matter what you are good at you can use your skills to make your home more beautiful. Embroidery panels look lovely in any room. You can use your embroidery skills to personalise items like towels, linen, throws, and cushions.

If you like macramé you can make beautiful wall hangings, plant holders and much more. The same is true of paper cut art, die cutting and all of the other popular crafts. What you can create is only really limited by your imagination and the time you have available to work on them.

Disclosure – post in collaboration with Hello Canvas


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    January 10, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    I like a mix of photos, art and text when hanging things of interest on my wall. Pinterest is great for free printable artwork.

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    Emma-Louise Dean
    January 10, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    There are some incredible ideas here! I’ve been looking at doing a few pieces for our new home – currently I’ve brought a few peoples different designs off of Red Bubble, but I’d love to create something of my own! x

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