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{Cricut Infusible Ink} Bridgerton tote bag

{Cricut Infusible Ink} Bridgerton tote bag

With Bridgerton Season 2 just about to drop of Netflix I’ve been on the look out for Bridgerton crafts! I found some really fun svg’s on Etsy and thought I would make myself a tote bag for work. The svg I found featured a pretty floral design with the words The Social Season Is Upon Us with the #Bridgerton. I wanted to use up some of the Infusible Ink I had and this seemed like a great project.

{Cricut Infusible Ink} Bridgerton tote bag materials:

Cricut Tote Bag
Cricut Infusible Ink
Cricut Machine
Cricut blue cutting mat
Cricut Scraper Tool
Cricut Weeding Tool
Cricut Transfer tape
Bridgerton svg from Etsy

Bridgerton tote bag

{Cricut Infusible Ink} Bridgerton tote bag

I opened Cricut Design Space and created a new project. I imported the svg I had bought from Etsy and re-sized it (I measured my tote bag to make sure the image would fit).

Bridgerton tote bag svg

I chose a bright pink patterned sheet from the Infusible Ink and set it to cut on a StandardGrip mat.

Bridgerton tote bag craft

To be honest I did have a few issues cutting the Infusible Ink. The first sheet cut through all the layers so I had to throw it away.

Bridgerton tote bag craft

After I had adjusted a few settings the second cut was much better. I carefully weeded the design. Parts of the flower took me ages to weed!

Bridgerton inspired tote bagĀ 

Then it was time to check the settings for the heat press.

Infusible Ink project

I set the heat press up according to the instructions, placed the design over the tote and carefully pressed it. Then I removed the heat press and peeled the infusible ink from the bag, leaving the ink infused on the tote.

Infusible Ink project

The floral design is great and really suits the tote bag. I’ve used it for the past two weeks and everyone has been commenting on it!

Bridgerton tote bag

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    Mellissa Williams
    March 28, 2022 at 6:45 pm

    I love the design and colour of the bag. I must admit I have never watched Bridgerton but I am tempted to start with the first series.

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    April 1, 2022 at 11:13 am

    The bag looks great and very professional. I can easily imagine people coming up to you in the street and asking where they can buy one!

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