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Coiled paper heart craft

Coiled paper heart craft

This year we had a lot of wrapping paper and cards left over after Christmas. We try to recycle as much as possible to reduce our waste so the children and I have been using up some of this paper in our crafts. This week we’ve been making some Valentine decorations and have had fun with our coiled paper heart craft.

You will need:
wrapping paper
glue dots
heart-shaped cookie cutter

How to make coiled paper hearts

coiled paper hearts

We experimented and cut our wrapping paper into short strips (longer strips will give larger coils).

how to make coiled paper

Then fold the paper in half, and fold each long end to the middle crease, then fold the bottom up to the top.

how to make coiled paper

We used a wooden ruler to really make the creases as flat as possible. Take one end and slowly coil the paper until you have a coiled paper circle, use glue or a sticky dot to hold the end down.

coiled paper hearts

We made lots and lots of all different shapes and sizes but you could measure your strips of paper if you wish.

coiled paper heart

When he had a good supply of coiled paper hearts we found a selection of heart-shaped cookie cutters and squished them inside to make a pretty coiled paper heart craft. The coiled paper fits quite snuggly inside the cookie cutter which means you can display them on their side or hang them up.

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    January 29, 2016 at 9:12 am

    I love these, thank you for sharing! Putting the coils inside the cookie cutter is such a good idea to help them stay in place, I’ve never had much luck with glueing coils of paper or card to a surface.

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