Cath Kidston handmade sewing

Cath Kidston inspired rainbow needle case

I mentioned the other day how I was inspired to get my sewing box out after a visit to Cath Kidston in Piccadilly. I really loved the felt rainbow needle case and pincushion I saw but wanted to make my own version. It took me a while but here’s my finished Cath Kidston inspired rainbow needle case.

I love working with felt and chose a selection of colours from my stash box.

I drew a rainbow on a piece of paper and used it as a guide, cutting out each arc then pinning it to a larger piece of red felt.

felt rainbowI then sewed them all in place.

felt rainbow needlecaseI added two white fluffy clouds to cover the base of the rainbow which was a little uneven. I stitched my finished rainbow onto a larger piece of red felt (you can tell I was totally winging this little make), which I folded in half. I placed a white piece of felt inside to hold the needles, and hand stitched along the fold to keep the layers in place.

felt rainbow needle caseWhen I was happy with everything I trimmed it a little, then a little more until it had a bit more shape.

Cath Kidston rainbow I’m quite proud of my handmade needle case. Making this reminded me why I love working with felt so much. My little rainbow is really colourful so hopefully it will always be easy to find.

Cath Kidston rainbow


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