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For Your Eyes Only {BEAR Yoyos Secret Spy Adventure cards}

BEAR Yoyos Secret Spy Adventure cards

My children are absolutely crazy about collecting the cards inside packs of BEAR Yoyos. Luckily they get through plenty of the fruity rolls as they are the perfect healthy addition to their packed lunch or snack. They were so excited to hear that BEAR is embarking on a brand new, TOP SECRET spy adventure and that there are 65 new cards to collect!

BEAR Yoyo adventures

My children love dressing up and were recruited by the Department of Danger to accompany Agent BEAR and Mole on their TOP SECRET spy adventure. They received a lovely spy kit to help them save the world from the evil clutches of CLAW and his crooked crew of villains.

Their spy kit included an essential trenchcoat, disguises, supplies to get code cracking and make their own invisible ink, supplies to take finger prints, as well as plenty of BEAR Yoyos to keep them fuelled on their adventure.

BEAR Yoyo adventures

First of all they made their own invisible ink using lemon juice and wrote secret letters! They were super secretive about what they wrote, only revealing them to each other.

writing letters in code

Next they collected everyone’s fingerprints with the help of an ink pad and examined them under a magnifying glass.

checking fingerprints

They were pretty terrifying in their examinations and kept accusing me of being a spy!

children checking fingerprints

After their adventures they were happy to stop for a healthy snack. BEAR Yoyos are perfect for little cubs, fuelling adventures big and small. I always make sure I have a plentiful supply for packed lunches, after school snacks and picnics too. Free from added sugar, concentrates and naturally full of fibre. With absolutely no added nonsense, they are available in a range of recipes: Strawberry, Apple, Blackcurrant, Mango, Raspberry and Pineapple.

Did you know that your cubs can collect bear codes from packs of BEAR Yoyos, send them to The Cave and receive a free Spy Kit?  To find out more visit: http://www.bearnibbles.co.uk/ and follow @Follow_The_Bear


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    February 12, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    What a cool set! I love that it came with a trench coat too!! My little ones are very fond of these bear snacks!

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    Kitty Morris
    February 12, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    That’s really cute, I love their matching little macs!

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