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Beaconsfield charity shops

Yesterday we took the toddler to Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, the world’s oldest, original model village. It has a model train so we knew the toddler would love it, and he did. It was a little hot for me but he ran round, pointing out the little houses and people and shouting “TRAIN!” every time one of the model trains went past.

Beaconsfield charity shops

The model village is in Beaconsfield which has been labelled Britain’s richest town so I knew the charity shops would be worth a look. I only managed two because I spent too much but there is a Cancer Research, Oxfam, Age UK, Helen & Douglas House, and Shaw Trust.

Age UK and Oxfam are next to each other so the husband parked the car outside and watched the children whilst I was allowed to go in. In Age UK I picked up a Thomas DVD and some plastic animals for the toddler, a paperback which was on my wishlist, and got change from a fiver.

On to Oxfam which had a fantastic window display of vintage toys and Lego. I immediately got the shop assistant to reserve the Lego for me as I never see any second hand. It’s a Lego Inventor set with 15 different models to make, quickly ear-marked by the husband, and the first model made before breakfast today.

lego inventor

It was pretty packed full of great quality clothes, books and DVDs. I could have spent ages looking through everything but I knew my time was limited so concentrated on the children’s toys.

They had cleverly bagged toys by type for a really decent price. So I picked up bags of animals, playdoh accessories, and rattles for a couple of pounds. There were so many lovely toys I could have bought more but a) the husband would kill me for bringing more things home, bargain or not, and b) I’m trying hard to not spoil the children.

charity shop finds

Beaconsfield and Bekonscot are really lovely and well worth a visit, just save up your pennies in advance!

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    Liz Burton
    August 21, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Oooh I love a charity shop in a proper posh town!

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