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A Spring Refresh Q&A

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Spring is my favourite season. The weather is warmer, the days are longer and the garden is springing into life. I’ve teamed up with Wayfair to bring you ‘Spring Spruce Ups’, a collection of advice, inspiration, and little DIY hacks for you to try at home ahead of the spring season.

A Spring Refresh Q&A with Jenny at the gingerbread house blog

Wayfair: What expert tips do you have when it comes to keeping your home organised and clutter free?

Living with two young children means our home can get quite messy. Despite our best intentions (and lots of storage) certain areas seem to accumulate piles of stuff – the dining room table and hallway are particularly bad by the end of the week! Thankfully I only work 4 days a week so I have the time and energy to keep the home organised whilst the children are at school.

My tops tips are:

Set aside time each week to declutter and organise, this helps me feel in control of the cleaning. I try to spread the housekeeping tasks out over the week and I feel so much better if I manage the basics such as changing the beds and hoovering the living room whilst juggling my work and the kids!

Invest in good storage. We have a gorgeous open plan living area and invested in a huge storage unit when we moved in. It was perfect for storing the kids toys when they were little and now houses all my craft books, organised by colour so not only is it practical but it’s also an eye-catching talking point too on all those Zoom calls we have!

Make sure everything has a home and the kids know where that is. I spend so much time picking up after every one but I try to encourage my kids to put their belongings back where the belong.

I love using my Cricut Maker to help label everything. Last week I labelled all my glass storage jars. Now my kitchen is de-cluttered, all my jars are beautifully labelled and I know exactly what everything is.


Wayfair: Are there any spruce ups or small refreshes you like to do as we transition from winter into a new spring season?

Now my children are both returning to school full-time I will finally get my day off again. I’m planning on doing a thorough spring clean, doing all the areas which need a deep clean like skirting boards, the coving and windows. I love to open all the windows once a week to let some fresh air in.

It’s also quite nice to do a refresh of the furnishings; changing over our fluffy cushions and throws for brighter colours and textures more suitable for Spring.


Wayfair: When you think about a bedroom refresh, what materials, colours or accents do you like to incorporate and why?

We haven’t decorated our bedroom for a few years and we’ve been thinking about giving it a refresh for Spring. We have a lighter duvet that we put on our bed around this time of year as we both dislike being too hot in bed. We add layers to our bed with a cashmere blanket and colourful cushions. I’m loving the colour teal at the moment and recently bought a lovely teal rug for our bedroom. The mornings can still be quite cold in early Spring and a splash of teal gives the room a lovely warm feeling.


Wayfair: When it comes to bedding, how can people use theirs to spruce up their bedroom while on a budget?

There are some gorgeous bedding sets available right now. I have a small collection of bedding sets collected over the last few years but I’ve noticed that I have favourites which get used at various times of the year. As the bed is often the main feature of your bedroom, it makes sense that you use it to showcase your style with your favourite colours and print. Although we are on a budget I also believe in the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. I would rather invest in decent bedding which I know will wash well and last for a few years.


Jenny’s Wayfair Picks for the Spring Season

With warmer weather on the way it’s time to have a little makeover for Spring. I’m hoping to introduce the colour mustard into our living space and have found some gorgeous mustard and grey cushions which would go so well with our sofa. I love to add little accents of colour and am hoping to add a new lampshade cover as well as a couple of new vases for my beloved houseplants.


Jenny’s Spring Spruce Up Highlight

There are so many ways to update your home for Spring that you can do yourself. I’m a huge fan of DIY and love to update our home myself where possible. I have a great tutorial to make a 5 minute Duck Tape container, perfect if you want to match a plant container with your decor.

I also love to make my own wall art. I have a fab tutorial to create your own silhouette wall art based on a loved one. You can also hang a favourite quilt or make a wall hanging in the colours of your choice if you can’t find exactly what you’ve looking for online.

Spring Spruce Up Inspiration

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For anyone planning to spruce up their homes this spring, Wayfair has everything you need for dreamy updates, organisation and more, including storage, home furnishings and decor, lighting, home textiles and rugs. Tip: It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye out for potential sales and discounts on Wayfair.


I would love to hear if you are planning a Spring Spruce up?

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