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A room of my own

Today my daughter finished at her lovely nursery.  She has a couple of weeks off before she starts at her new preschool. In September she will be spending afternoons at her new preschool. She’s really excited about this, especially the uniform and book bag for some reason. I’m also looking forward to it. She needs a new challenge and so do I. My challenge is probably not so fun as hers – de-cluttering the house and starting to think about going back to work. Our house is in need of some attention, much like my CV.

Although blogging is a pretty time-consuming hobby of mine I also love to sew, quilt and charity shop (that is a verb, isn’t it?!). This means I need to carve myself out some space to set up a little craft room and work on my craft projects. This is the one bone of contention between me and my husband. He has a home office and workshop and I don’t currently have anything. Which means my fabrics, magazines, buttons, quilts and charity shop finds are homeless and spread about the house.

I know we’re lucky to have a lovely home but I would so love a little space of my own. Our last house had a gorgeous loft conversion which completely swung it for both of us when were house hunting. The loft room had a completely different feel to our period property, with white walls and minimal furniture. It was lovely to head up the little stairs in the evening and sleep in our special room.

our loft conversion

I wouldn’t mind extending our present house by going into the roof space. The garage is already converted and there’s no space to extend out. I think it would make a lovely bedroom and I would definitely squeeze in a craft table and some fabric storage. I think these types of home improvement can only add value. Whilst doing some research (can you tell I’m serious about a loft conversion?) I discovered we would need to check our home insurance cover policy. New rooms and conversions are not automatically covered so it’s well worth checking with someone like Legal & General to be sure.

I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do, it definitely makes for an interesting conversation in our house!

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    August 20, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    Is that Cath Kidston bedding I spy?

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