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A rainbow of hexagons

Life has been chugging on as usual except for some very exciting days out. Over the last few weeks we’ve had fun at the Rainbow Park on the Southbank, a Day out with Thomas, a Christening, watching the Torch Relay and a trip to Legoland. We’re all feeling quite tired and we still have a trip to the Olympics to look forward to at the weekend.

The children are great (despite runny noses and bottoms). The toddler has been weaned off his dummy surprisingly easily. One night we said his dummy wouldn’t be around the next day, the next day we threw them away. He’s only asked for his dummy before bed once when he was really tired but he’s been amazing and gone to bed without a fuss.

Unfortunately the 8 month old is going through a rough patch,like a grotty teenager she just would not sleep in her new bed. She outgrew the bednest so we bought a simple cot from Ikea. It’s still in our room but obviously not at the same level as the bednest. She took a good couple of days to sleep in it despite us trying really hard. For a couple of nights I was barely getting more than 2 hours sleep. She’s now in a baby sleeping bag which stops her kicking her legs and getting them stuck between the bars so she’s not waking so much. Next step is to get her to fall asleep in it which I just can’t face at the moment. My mum, aka the baby whisperer, is coming to stay so fingers crossed she can help!

I’ve been busy stitching a rainbow of hexagons together to make a comforter for the sleepless one. I think the back looks prettier than the front and it seems such a shame that it will be covered up. How I love English Paper Piecing 🙂

english paper piecing


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